Hand sanitizer
The hand sanitizer "POLYAMINOL" has disinfectant, antibacterial, antiseptic activities. Cosmetic pH is 6.5-7.5. Throughout the period of use, the sanitizer is active against:
  • poliomavirus and herpes;
  • various rota- and adenoviruses;
  • parasitic diseases;
  • enteroviral infections
It does not cause allergies and other side effects, which makes it possible to use in cosmetology, personal hygiene, catering and trade enterprises, children 's institutions, utilities, social security institutions.

The shelf life of Polyaminol is 24 months given that it is stored in a closed container at a temperature from plus 1 ° C to plus 30 ° C in places protected from direct sunlight.
Hand sanitizer
Delivered in container with dispenser.
Volume – 1 litre.
Number of pieces in the package - 9.
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